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OpenCeed offers services for start-ups to build proper distribution channels. Distribution is about more than finding a channel to the customer.

Our services focus on:

• Direct-to-end users

• Selling through dealer networks

• Sell through value-added resellers

Sales & Marketing

OpenCeed can help start-ups develop and execute a defined, integrated and well-executed sales and marketing plan that will take your business and brand to the next level.


Our services focus on:

• Sales/marketing assessments

• Corporate strategy and planning

• Sales mentoring and coaching

• Outsourced sales management

• Brand development

• Social media integration

Launching & Growth

OpenCeed can help with market research; defining product attributes; managing the development process; helping with roll-out pricing, product positioning and training; distribution planning; and ongoing support.


Each product launch is customized, and we can help with planning and consulting on the strategy and the execution of the plan.


OpenCeed employs state-of-the-art order management and warehouse management systems to process and pack orders with efficiency and infallible accuracy.


Our services focus on:

• Product fulfillment

• Order notifications

• Packaging

• Labeling

• Reverse logistics

• Return processing

• Inventory management

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