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KICKSTARTER (Crowdfunding)

OpenCeed is an open platform for startups to use Kickstarter or Indiegogo as a spring board. We help start-ups with products or projects accomplish their goals at every stage of the crowdfunding process. 


OpenCeed has a team with ample crowdfunding experience and knowledge. We host Kickstarter or Indiegogo Platform Programs on an annual basis, assisting companies in exposing their products to consumers in the U.S. and finding their niche in the U.S. market.

Our Programs

• A two-week "Fundamentals of Crowdfunding" educational program​

• A four-month crowdfunding campaign program for companies that already have a hardware prototype

• A six-month crowdfunding campaign program for companies that need to work on developing a hardware prototype

Successful Manager


Media & Landing Page Design

You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Knowing this, your campaign's page layout can determine the success of your product. We will work closely with you and your team to understand the product and play off its advantages. A well designed landing page will not only enhance the experience of the backers, but will also succeed in attracting more people. OpenCeed has worked with multiple companies and helped them surpass their funding goals. 

Simple, Quick, Informative. These are all words that relate to a well-documented video that can be a driving factor to your campaign. With our services, we can assist you in creating effective media to accompany your campaign.

Business Meeting
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